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My name is Daniela, although everyone calls me Dani. I grew up in the stunning Hudson Valley region of upstate New York and pursued my college education in San Francisco, and now live in Philadelphia (soon to be San Francisco + Philly). My personality is a strong blend of city and nature, which is why I find immense joy in capturing weddings of all kinds. My portfolio includes everything from intimate city elopements to romantic vineyard weddings. As long as the atmosphere is authentic and relaxed, I'm in. 

My photography style is documentary and candid, with a touch of gentle posing. I understand that having a camera pointed at you can be unnerving, which is why I make sure to create a comfortable and safe space for you. I offer subtle guidance and encourage you to reflect on your journey, reminding you of the significance of the moment, so your true self can shine through. Ultimately, creating magical moments is a collaborative effort.

and your journey is my inspiration.

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While my photography journey began as a young child, I honed my craft more thoroughly at the San Francisco Art Institute, receiving a BFA in 2017. I was fortunate to study with and among leading artists and artistic minds. I bring this experience and perspective to each and every shoot. 

Any and all tea | Essential oils and non-toxic living | Gilmore Girls, New Girl, Harry Potter & Twilight | Noah Kahan & Maggie Rogers | The New York Mets | Sushi | Plants | Crystals | Spirituality | The city, the ocean + the mountains | biking, hiking, rock climbing + yoga | My hubby Nick | My golden retriever Cooper

Fun fact: I've been to 6/7 continents! Yes, I've been to Antarctica and I did a polar plunge while I was there. Asia is my last continent, and we are planning to go to Japan in spring 2025!


When my husband and I made the decision to elope, we were immediately filled with so much stress & a million different opinions being thrown at us.

We were overwhelmed to say the least. I never want my clients to feel the way we felt. I want you to have the support and resources you need to make your dream day come true. Whether that's  helping you craft the perfectly balanced timeline that gives you time with your loved ones and ample alone time, offering vendor recommendations, or being a mama bear on your wedding day helping protect you from other people's negative energy, I am here to help you create the sacred, safe space to be yourselves.

Passionate, inclusive, and committed to creating safe spaces.



Your wedding day should be the adventure of a lifetime and authentically true to who you are.

  • Craft the perfect timeline so you get the dreamiest light & plenty of alone time and time to do everything your heart desires

  • Make vendor recommendations so you don't have to spend hours upon hours googling how to build your dream elopement team

  • Send you my How to Elope Guide, that is filled to the brim with tips and tricks on how to do the thang! It's also got some sweet some reflection questions to get you started with thinking about where you want to elope and the things and people you want to fill your day with. We're all about intentionality over here, folks! 

  • Send you a personalized location guide to help you pick the best location for your story. As a Gemini, I like to have options so I am literally here to help you Choose Your Own Adventure. I also scout the area before your elopement day to make sure everything's looking great! 

  • Be your official witness and biggest hype woman to your best day ever! If you don't want any guests at your elopement but need a witness for the marriage license, I gotchu boo. 

  • Be your officiant: If you truly want your elopement day to just be the two of you (plus your photographer & videographer) and need someone to make your wedding official, I am an ordained officiant! 

Oh yeah and take stunning photos of you two being cute AF while you enjoy your favorite things together on the day you get married! 

Here are just a few of the things I would love to help you with: 

1. Schedule your free
 consultation & reserve your date

We meet on Zoom and my golden retriever makes a cameo. You'll tell me all about your dreams & I'll map out a plan to make those dreams happen!  We determine how much photography coverage you need, choose your date and then you'll reserve your date by signing a contract and paying your retainer! 

2. Unlimited consults and planning help

I am here to help with all of the planning from timelines, to permits, to locations, to packing lists & guides and more! I want to take as much off your plate as possible so you can focus on each other. I love meeting my couples before the big day so let's grab drinks before your engagement session and get to know each other!

3. Best day EVER: Your Elopement day! 

We laugh, we cry, we smile til our faces hurt. We explore, we spray some bubbly and have the best day you could ever dream of!  And I take photos of it all! You'll then get to relive your special memories forever with high-res digitals of your photos and endless options for albums, prints, and more! 

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down, whose feet
do not remain still.